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Introducing SNAP Home Finance Corp. by Airtech

SNAP is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs without having to wait. It’s the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by your local dealer.

Why go to the bank when you can simply click on the pre-approved logo below and complete our secure credit application. With SNAP credit decisions take just minutes!


With SNAP you will enjoy:

  • Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs
  • No down payment necessary
  • Variety of financing offers including:
    • No Interest No Payment programs
    • Low Monthly Payment Programs
  • Open Loan – Pay off the entire loan at anytime without penalties
  • Personal and Confidential
  • Easy deductions from your bank account
  • Take up to 12 years to pay.


Start Saving Money NOW!

There’s no need to putting off a more Energy Efficient, Cost Effective home comfort system. We make it simple – start saving money now - CLICK HERE to get started!

Lennox 2018 Mar-June Promo

March 12 to

June 15, 2018


Receive up to a $1,700 Rebate with purchase of a complete home comfort system that includes*:
• A qualifying high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump.
• A qualifying high-efficiency gas furnace or air handler
• Specified system Add Ons

PLUS either

Don't Pay until Fall 2018 (OAC)


36 Month Equal Payment Not Interest (OAC)


*Some restrictions may apply. Offers subject to product availability. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See your participating Lennox dealer for complete details. Lennox Industries Inc. reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time. Financing offer valid only through participating dealers and SNAP Financial. Individual and System rebate offers range from $50 - $1,700. See Lennox for details.



The Heart & Stroke Foundation Logo

Golf Classic has raised

over $250,000 to Date!


Thank you for your support of this year's 23rd Annual Heart & Stroke Golf Classic.  

Year to date, we have raised over $250,000 to go towards promotion of Healthy Living, and to fund research that Saves Lives and Promotes Recovery.  Thank you Lethbridge, we couldn't have done this without your continued support.


Contact us to participate in next year's event, scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, 2018!



Nominate someone

in need for a



Airtech and Lennox are partnering up to provide a FREE FURNACE INSTALLATION to someone in need in the Lethbridge area each year.  This is not a lottery or a contest, but a way to give back to those in need within our community.  Lennox donates the furnace, our employees donate their time, and Airtech donates the rest.

To find out more, or to nominate a deserving person, go to 

Be sure to spread the word, as the nomination deadline is September 5, 2017 for the October 7th installation!


Clearance Items

Demo units, used, slightly used, scratched/dented, and even new equipment.


All certified by our technicians to be in perfect working order.  If you need it installed, we can help you with that too!

Click to see our current selection of items

Lethbridge Hurricanes

Official Partner of the Lethbridge Hurricanes


Airtech has partnered with Lennox to be your proud sponsor of the Lethbridge Hurricanes.  Watch for us on the scoreboard and along the boards (section N) and listen for us on the announcements.  For a full schedule and more, be sure to visit


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Ask Airtech

Why isn't my A/C working?

There are many possible causes for an Air Conditioner not working at all.  Some of them are minor and can be fixed yourself, and others will require the skills of a Service Technician.

AC Problems

1) Check your Thermostat

  • Some models have Heat, Cool, Auto and Fan options - make sure it is set to either Cool or Auto
  • Digital models require power for their display.  If there are not enough wires available, it will require batteries that should be changed out annually.  A blank display is a dead giveaway.  Replace your batteries.
  • Make sure that your thermostat is set to the desired temperature and not colder, as this can cause your system to freeze up.


2) Check your Power

 Breaker Panel
  • Was your breaker turned off for the winter?  Be sure to check and turn it back on.
  • Check your main power panel for a tripped breaker (look for the breaker that doesn't quite line up with the others).
  • If you can locate the correct breaker, try resetting it by flipping it off, waiting a few seconds, then flipping it back on.  This will reset your furnace as well, which may take a few minutes.
  • If the power trips off again, it is unsafe to run.  Call us to have it quickly fixed.


3) Check your Filter and Registers

 Check filter
  • A dirty filter blocks airflow and can cause your evaporator coil to freeze solid. 
  • If it looks dirty (or if you hold it up to the light and can't see through it), change it.
  • Always be sure to have a spare handy.
  • Closing off too many registers (usually in an attempt to get the cooling where you want it most) can also ove-rrestrict airflow and freeze your system.

4) Check for Poor Airflow


Frozen Coil

  • If your furnace fan is running, but you feel little or no airflow coming from your registers, your evaporator has probably frozen up.
  • Before we can find and fix the cause, the coil must be thawed.  Turn you thermostat from Cool/Auto to fan only (or off if you don't have this option)
  • This is not a normal situation, and usually not a DIY fix.
  • Call 403.388.1188 to have a technician dispatched to get your system running properly again.


5) Get Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance
  • Regular Maintenance ensures that your equipment runs efficiently and reliably.
  • Most failures can be identified early and fixed before they become a problem.
  • Get your furnaced checked annually by Airtech's qualified technicians.

Remember, don’t get in over your head. Only solve the problems you’re confident you can solve yourself.

For all other A/C problems in the Lethbridge area, contact Airtech and our professional service technicians will get your furnace up and running in no time.